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I recently started taking two different ongoing medications and I'm going on vacation soon. Any tips for travelling with medication?

Answer from Express Scripts Canada Pharmacist, Farah Belayadi:

If you’ve never travelled with medication before, there are some important things you need to remember to avoid problems while you’re away from home.

Before you leave

If you’re going to be away from home for a month or more, make sure that you have enough medication so you don’t run out. If you are staying in Canada, this may mean having your refill shipped to your vacation address or, if you are travelling outside Canada, depending on your drug plan, you might have to ask for an early refill.  If you’re an Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy member, you can use our online prescription manager to make these requests in just a few clicks, and we will try our best to accommodate you within the limits of your plan.

Also, talk to your pharmacist about your specific medications, because some may require special care while in transit. Some may react badly to changes in temperature or humidity, some may require special packaging to avoid breakage, and some may require refrigeration. Your pharmacist can also let you know if the drugs you’re on require you to avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat.


When flying, make sure you know the airline’s rules about medication. Generally, you should keep all medication in its original container, pack it in your carry-on instead of in checked luggage, and bring a copy of the prescription. If you require syringes or other devices, get a letter from your doctor that explains why you need them.

Remember that the main goals of a vacation are rest and fun, so plan ahead to make sure problems with your medications don’t interfere with that.


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