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Q: I've been diagnosed with a disease that is considered rare. How can the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy help and support me?

Hi. I’m Kimberly Rae, your Express Scripts Canada pharmacist. 

Welcome to another edition of Ask the Pharmacist. 

Here is today’s question:

I've been diagnosed with a disease that is considered rare. How can the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy help and support me?

A rare disease diagnosis can present unique challenges and questions when it comes to the treatment plan your healthcare provider puts in place.

Too often, patients with a rare disease face many unknowns. What is known, however, is that you are not alone. While rare diseases affect fewer than five in 100,000 people in Canada, the total impact is considerable. In fact, about one million Canadians live with a rare disease. 

One of the greatest challenges anyone faces with a rare disease can be the lack of information related to the condition and treatment, which can cause an environment of high anxiety for a patient and even more so for the family of a patient or especially the parent of a sick child.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a rare disease, the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy is here to support you and make your life simpler.

As a key member of your care team, a pharmacist is a front-line resource that can help you cope and better understand the diagnosis and treatment options available to you.

You’ll have a lot of questions about how to move forward and I want you to know that we take our time to listen to you and answer all the questions that you may have about your disease and the treatment that’s been prescribed.

Treating and managing a rare disease often requires help from a variety of healthcare professionals and support organizations.

We’re also here to provide you with the counsel, support and resources you may need.

We’ll also take the worry and stress away from having to go out to get the medications because the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy will deliver them right to your door, making sure needed medications are always available and on hand.

Don’t let the anxiety of a rare disease diagnosis prevent you from accessing all the support and resources you need. 

With the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy at your side, you’ll be empowered to take charge of your condition and live the best life you can.

Until next time, this has been Ask the Pharmacist.

I wish you good health.


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