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How do I stay safe as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

Answer from Express Scripts Canada Pharmacist:

Hello, I’m Dr. Dorian Lo, the president of Express Scripts Canada. Our governments and health authorities are beginning to lift the restrictions implemented to control the spread of COVID-19.

What this means is that many places and activities that we have not been able to go to or take part in may soon be partially or completely re-opened. This is exciting news as we are all eager to get back out there. BUT, there are important factors to consider to keep yourself and everyone else as safe as possible.

It’s important to remember that while easing of restrictions could mean a return to some activities, it won’t be a return to normal. The COVID-19 virus has not gone away, and we need to keep this in mind as we adjust yet again to a new normal.

How can I stay safe in public places?

While some places may reopen gradually, and restrictions may be lifted on the number of people allowed to gather in a single place, the same basic protections should be followed.

  • don’t go to public places if you’re feeling sick,
  • avoid crowds
  • continue to wash hands regularly and thoroughly and
  • follow the advice of the health authorities when going to public places

When will we be able to stop social distancing?

Social distancing is likely to be relaxed slowly and carefully. Large gatherings are not likely to be permitted for some time yet.

How can I remain positive with so many stresses and unknowns?

It’s perfectly normal to feel stress at such times as this.

There are many ways you can relieve stress, some of which you may already be doing.

  • reach out and talk to friends and relatives,
  • stay as active as you can, and
  • do your best to eat well and get lots of rest.

Also, many companies and organizations have resources available for those who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I urge you to take advantage of these resources if you feel you need to.

On a final note, while change offers unique challenges, it’s important to remember that this situation will slowly pass and things will return to normal.

We will get through this together

Until next time, I am Dr. Dorian Lo. I wish you good health.


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