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I want to quit smoking? Do those nicotine patches really work? Do I need a prescription?

Answer from Express Scripts Canada Pharmacist:

Congratulations! The decision to quit smoking is an important step in improving your overall health and wellbeing. Now that you’ve decided to quit, there are a number of products that can help you quit for good. In fact, studies show that medication can double your chances of quitting compared to willpower alone.

In terms of what medication to take, there are quite a few options out there.

Over-the-counter medications:

There is a wide array of quit-smoking aids that work by giving you a small dose of nicotine, which you use to replace the nicotine in cigarettes. You gradually reduce the dose until you no longer need the nicotine at all. These products come in the form of gum, lozenges and patches that you wear on your skin.

Prescription medications:

You can also get a prescription from your doctor for a nicotine inhaler or nasal spray, or you can try non-nicotine medications that come in a pill. All of the different medications work by reducing your cravings to smoke, and they all report similar success rates.

You can also check out the health and wellness corner on our website for more information on how to quit smoking.

Remember, no medication will make you quit smoking by itself. You will need lots of willpower, perseverance, and support. Talk to your doctor about support groups, and if you can’t quit the first time, don’t give up. Most people need to try several times before quitting for good.

Good luck!


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