A day in the life of an Express Scripts Canada pharmacist

Sure, they dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health-care practitioners, but pharmacists do so much more, playing an important and comprehensive role in the health of their patients.

Pharmacists must be equipped with the medical knowledge necessary to provide advice and information about the purpose, interactions and side effects of all drugs they dispense. Depending on the province they practise in, they may also provide injections and prescribe some medications.

What makes Express Scripts Canada pharmacists unique is that they have an unencumbered ability to provide the most comprehensive advice to their patients. Conversations about important issues such as a potential drug, herbal, vitamin or supplement interactions are always initiated by Express Scripts Canada pharmacists and a patient can have this consultation from the location where they are most comfortable. 

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As a result, patients of the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy always get the information they need from their pharmacists.

At Express Scripts Canada, pharmacists have a unique opportunity to serve their patients in the most thorough manner. Patient communication takes place by phone or e-mail in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s home, and pharmacists are available whenever they’re needed – 24/7 – to respond to questions and concerns.

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An Express Scripts Canada pharmacist spends the workday surrounded by all the resources they need to help their patients and provide the most up-to-date health information. They’re able to be 100% focused on the patient they’re speaking to at any given time. Similarly, patients aren’t distracted by the remaining items on their errand list, the number of minutes left on their parking meter or by wondering if the person behind them in line is listening to their conversation. They’re fully focused on their health, which makes it easier to remember directions and other important information.

It is a holistic and comprehensive approach to health care, guided by insight and expertise as well as advanced information technology. For example, Express Scripts Canada pharmacists use active pharmacy techniques that leverage their expertise by providing tools to track patient history and identify patterns and trends, cross-reference issues and complications and stay in touch with patients on an automated schedule optimized for the most effective care.

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By reaching out to initiate conversations and follow-up on a regular basis, Express Scripts Canada pharmacists develop trusting relationships with their patients, who are empowered to make informed decisions about their treatment. Over time, the result is improved health outcomes. Without this comprehensive support, patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure take the medication their doctor recommends only about 60 per cent of the time, increasing their risk of complications.

Altogether, the Express Scripts Canada Active Pharmacy approach means that patients save money and time, and gain peace of mind and better health. For a pharmacist, happier, healthier patients are the best possible outcome – making each workday a great day.

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