A collaborative, patient first approach to healthcare empowers patients to make better health decisions

Since opening its doors in 2012, the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy® – West location serves patients throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Even though the pharmacy serves a large radius and has a vast roster of patients, the team takes the time to develop personal relationships with each and every one of their patients.

When we spoke with Edwin Ho, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Operations, Western Canada, he recalls one patient in particular with whom he has built a solid foundation of trust.

Building trust and a collaborative healthcare approach

Edwin recalls that a patient was apprehensive about joining the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy shortly after opening in 2012 because she had concerns about the quality of service she’d receive, whether the pharmacy would live up to her standards or provide the same attention and care she had received from other pharmacies in the past.

Shortly after joining, she received a call from Edwin at the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy – West location asking to review her medications and treatment plan with her – as she had various health conditions ranging from acute to chronic and required a variety of maintenance prescription medications. While reviewing her treatment plan and medications, it was discovered that she hadn’t been consulted on the adverse effects that can be caused by the long term use of a medication she was taking. Revealing this information provided the opportunity to optimize her treatment plan (which was approved by her prescribing doctor before established) to ensure she received optimal care. The level of care she received empowered her to make more effective and informed decisions about her health; and, more importantly, provided her with the competency assurance and the opportunity to build the connection with the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy – West location that she hoped for.

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Today, when the patient speaks with the pharmacy team to address any questions or concerns about her medication, she often mentions her appreciation of the coordination of care and the proactive, comprehensive guidance she receives from the team during her regular follow up phone calls regarding her treatment plan.

Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy’s collaborative, patient first approach to her healthcare and comprehensive guidance has not only empowered her to make better decisions about her health, but has also helped her stay on track with her treatment plan, which has ensured she has the best possible health outcome for the lowest possible cost.

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Putting Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy patient’s care first

Each of the four locations of the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy teams take a collaborative healthcare approach to pharmacy care by working with their patients, their patient’s doctor and their prescription drug benefit plan to help create better health outcomes. Express Scripts Canada pharmacists are their patients advocates and become key players in their health care.

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