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Thousands of Canadian employees from organizations of all sizes use our pharmacy. As the largest pharmacy
benefits manager in Canada, we offer:

  • 24/7 expert pharmacy advice
  • Convenient prescription fulfillment and refills
  • Anywhere secure delivery in discreet packaging
  • Online prescription manager for instant information
  • Seamless integration with employee benefit plans

Adding Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy® to your benefit plan is simple and free. It can be done in three easy steps.


Contact us to discuss your employee group and learn more about our pharmacy.


We will coordinate with your preferred insurance company and advisor to add our
pharmacy to your benefit program. 


We’ll provide you with information and support to introduce our pharmacy to your
employees and help them with easy enrolment.

Our pharmacists know.

Our pharmacists take the necessary time to help patients understand their medications.

Learn about some of the most common medications dispensed by our pharmacy.

Expert pharmacy advice from our 24/7 pharmacy team.
Medication advice from Canada’s leading pharmacy.
You can trust the advice and medications from Canada’s most advanced pharmacy.
Thousands of Canadians use our pharmacy for a safe and convenient experience.
Convenient and discreet prescription deliveries come standard with our pharmacy.

More about our pharmacy.

We are one of the oldest home delivery pharmacies in Canada. We manage and fulfill prescription benefits and provide pharmacy advice to thousands of Canadian employees and their employers. Our national team of pharmacists and pharmacy professionals are available wherever and whenever their advice is needed. 

We partner with Canada’s largest insurance companies to deliver cost-effective and healthy outcomes based benefits programs to their clients. The best part, our online pharmacy is an easy addition to an existing employee benefit plan and we can work directly with your preferred insurance provider. We'll also help your employees enrol.


Benefits for employers

  • Easy and quick addition to your benefit plan 
  • Save money on plan costs
  • Improved employee medication adherence; less absenteeism


Benefits for employees

  • Elevated and patient-centric pharmacy care
  • 24/7 pharmacist on-call 
  • Convenient and free prescription delivery
A group of Pharmacists

Here’s what your employees can expect.

Adding Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy® to your benefit plan is simple and free.

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Tell your employer about our online pharmacy, we’ll be happy to speak with them. You can also use our online pharmacy as an individual or as a family. Watch the video below to learn how you can access our pharmacy.